• Welcome to my page, where I’m proud to be able to share my passion with you.
All of my handcrafted glass pieces – are ready to be shipped right now, and all were handmade by me personally, with loving care.
A little words about Silvina:
After living in Argentina till 2000 - where I survived a terror attack, in 1994 - a big change started happening in my life. I took a lot of life-changing decisions because I was alive!

My first decision, was to take designing in glass from a hobby to a profession. Opening a  studio and that became my therapy. The second was to move to Israel in 2000, where  I had two children - Maya and Itay. 

Opening a Shop was another dream.........being able to share my crafts and my story with so many wonderful people all around the world.

Since I started selling on Etsy a new world opened. Loving contacting people, knowing that they choose something unique, special and handmade.

I love & enjoy receiving tourist & people to experience the world of glass & mosaic by participating in a personal workshop. So, if you are visiting Israel do not hesitate to contact her.
Mosaic or Stained glass workshops are possible.
Contact Silvina to schedule your visit now

I really like be in  contact with people and to know that they choose something special and handmade. 

You can visit  me on facebook, Silvina Bernstein, Make questions by What's up 9720547611743 or Skype Silvina2318. 

Thank you and have a nice day!

Silvina Bernstein